This website is the purpose to help advertise our short film, “Umbra.”  We are in the midst of running a Crowdfunding campaign and want you to join us.

You might be asking, “What’s your movie about?”  Well, here is our synopsis, “John is a down on his luck kind of guy.  The whole world treats him like trash and he is lost in the grind of everyday living; until his shadow moves independently of his own body.  He quickly assesses that it means him no harm and follows it to a diner and meets a woman, named Jane.  Only to quickly discover the shadow’s true purpose, to murder; putting John behind the wheel of the crime.”

We want to do this the right way with the SFX in the movie and want to make them all practical effects.  We believe that the best effects are real and something that the actor can see or touch/feel in some way.  The only way to make it feel real to the audience.  To allow this, we will need all the help we can get to find the right people to cast and have help on our crew.  That is why we need the funding to help make this movie.